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Beer Making
Beer Making

Cooperage Wine & Beer Making Supplies (est. 1972) is one of the longest established brew shops in Sydney with over 30 years experience and knowledge in beer making.

Since the early days, home beer making has come a long way in both quality, taste and variety. You can now brew beers equal to or better than some commercial beers as the malts and yeasts used are far superior to those used in the early days.

As an independent store, we source from several suppliers and do not feel bound to one particular brand. Our customers have a large range to choose from and if they require advice, our friendly staff are eager to help. We also carry a range of books on making beer as well as free literature and recipe sheets for the more adventurous.

Our extensive range of beer making products are complemented by our range of liqueur and spirit ingredients.

We have many ready-to-go packs also available in the style of Victoria Bitter, Crown Lager, Corona, Kilkenny just to name a few.

Beer Concentrates

A 5% discount applies per carton of beer concentrate purchased .

  • Coopers
  • Morgan’s
  • Brewcraft and Brewcraft Premium Recipe Kits
  • Cascade
  • ESB 3kg Kits
  • Fresh Wort - 15L packs
  • Muntons, Muntons Gold and Premium Gold
  • Black Rock
  • Mangrove Jacks

Concentrates are also available to make your own ginger beer or cider.

Beer Concentrates


  • Dextrose (also available in bulk)
  • Gemdex, brew enhancers, brew boosters, corn syrup
  • Stout improvers, milk stout improvers
  • Malts – dry and liquid
  • Grains – dark, light and crystal
  • Hop bags and pellets
  • Variety of dried beer yeasts
  • Beer finings, big head liquid, dry enzymes, liquorice extract etc

Beer Making Kits

  • Basic starter kits
  • Basic starter kits which include PET bottles
  • Deluxe starter kit (includes bench capper)
  • Super deluxe starter kit (includes bench capper and bottle tree)
Beer Making Kits

Keg Systems

All you need to supply is the fridge and CO2 bottle.

  • Your system comes complete with:
    • Choice of either a beer fridge tap or gun system in stainless steel
    • 2 x 19 litre reconditioned kegs
    • 1 x CO2 regulator
    • 1 x hose nip and nut
    • 1 x plastic gas disconnect
    • 1 x plastic liquid disconnect
    • 1 x 3.6m length of gas/beer line
    • 3 x stainless steel hose clamps

We stock many other parts and accessories for keg systems as well as reconditioned kegs.

Keg Systems


  • Beer making books, recipe sheets
  • Fermenting pails, carbouys, clearing cubes.
  • Detergents, sterilizers, cleaning equipment, bottle trees.
  • Crown seals, capping equipment.
  • Hydrometers, thermometers, heating equipment.
  • Airlocks, grommets, sediment reducers, sugar measures, mixing spoons, paddles etc.


Liqueur and Spirit Range

  • Over 80 different liqueur and spirit flavours.
  • Flavour additives and easy-to-mix liqueur and spirit bases.
  • Turbo sugars, clearing agents, yeasts.
  • Oak chips, glucose, sugar mixtures.
  • Alcobase kits for Australian requirements.
Liqueur and Spirit Range

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